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Advantages to Swimming With Infants

Advantages to Swimming With Infants

Advantages to Swimming With Infants

Pools are a great place to spend a family day out. Apartments in Delray, Florida, offer the ability to swim and play in a pool free of charge and free of work. After a long week at work, enjoy a dip in the pool and let all your worries float away for a few hours as you soak in the water and fresh air. When you live in the apartments in Delray, Florida, you can have your oasis right in your backyard. Breathe in relaxation and exhale frustrations. The pool is not only a great place to relax, though, for babies, it offers so many amazing benefits. The earlier you can introduce a child to the swimming pool, the earlier you will see the benefits swimming will provide to your life. Here are some of the top ways babies benefit the most from swimming.

Body Control

As babies grow and become older, they learn more about their bodies. The pool lets babies experience and feel their bodies in new ways. They can enter the pool as early as six months. Doctors warn against them being introduced earlier than that because of their immune systems not being completely developed yet. As babies glide around in the water and learn to splash, they are feeling the water against their legs move and feeling their hand hit the water. When the splash comes up, they are experiencing what it feels like when tiny droplets of water land on them. These are all brand new experiences to them. It is enhancing their body awareness and creating new neurons. Their brains are also learning how to react to their bodies and the new sensations,

Improve Cognitive Function

As babies play in the water, they are learning how to use both sides of their brain at once. To control both sides of the body, you must be able to control both sides of the brain. Swimming takes both kicking your legs and moving your arms. As babies grow and mature, they are learning how to do this. This is called cross-patterned movements. Cross-patterned movements are needed for things like reading and language development. Infant swimming is beneficial not only in the pool but also helps with necessary life skills. Scientists have seen significant improvements, especially in verbal skills, to those introduced to the water as infants.

Skin to Skin Touch

Infants benefit significantly from the skin-to-skin touch. The pool is a great way to provide your baby with the skin-to-skin contact as they trust you to hold and support them in the water. There is so much going on in their little minds, and when their caregiver is holding them through it all, it provides for a unique bonding experience. As they grow up babies may not remember much about their infancy, but what they will remember is the ones who were there for them. Babies first words are often “mama” or “daddy” because those are the people they see every day. Why not join your infant in the pool as well?

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