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Best Unique Storage Ideas for Your Apartment

Best Unique Storage Ideas for Your Apartment

Best Unique Storage Ideas for Your Apartment

After a thorough search of apartments for rent in Delray, Fl, you’ve just moved into your new apartment, but you realize you have a serious storage issue. The old saying “out of sight out of mind” has never been truer in this situation. When it comes to keeping your apartment clean and organized, there are two storage solutions essential for apartment living. These are functional storage furniture pieces and storage you can’t see. These “hideaway storage options” give you the best ways to hide your home’s chaos.

Secret Doors Aren’t Just for Horror Movies

Many of the apartments for rent in Delray, Fl have ample amounts of closet space, but sometimes that just isn’t enough storage. Secret doors aren’t just for mystery books and horror movies; they are great ways to create extra storage in your home without ruining the design of the room. A bookshelf over a closet door is a fun way to give yourself a place to store books and a way to cover that unsightly closet door in your office. Another secret door would be the top of your kitchen table. Having a tabletop that lifts open allows your table to serve multiple purposes and gives you added storage for things such as fine dishes, napkins, tablecloths and other things used for holidays and special occasions.

Make Use of the Space Under the bed

There are beautiful beds on the market that lift open to reveal an open place to store shoes and other various items that clutter a room. Apartments for rent in Delray, Fl offer amazing floor plans with great sized bedrooms. With the right size bed, you can add shelves and cabinets under the bed to give you a vast amount of storage without taking away from the total space of the room. Repurposing drawers from an old dresser by adding wheels to the bottoms of them is another fun way to add additional storage space under the bed. Just think of the things you can hide under there aside from the dirty laundry and stinky shoes.

Beautiful Built-Ins

Built-ins aren’t just for Craftsman style homes and the traditional bungalow, they look amazing in any home style and give you so much storage. Many apartments in Delray, Fl feature built-in storage. They aren’t necessarily hidden away but they are a unique feature to have in an apartment. However, if your apartment doesn’t have built-ins, you can add furniture pieces that appear as if they’ve always been in the apartment. Adding built-in seating such as a bench seat in a breakfast nook can give you some hidden storage by adding hinges to the seat and allowing it to lift open to reveal crate style storage below.

If storage space is lacking in your apartment, give these great tips a try. There is no better way to organize your home than with storage you can’t see. Many of these storage pieces can add a great touch to your interior design scheme and make your apartment feel much larger than it really is.

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