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Choosing Your First Apartment as Newlyweds

Choosing Your First Apartment as Newlyweds

Choosing Your First Apartment as Newlyweds

Getting married is a big step in life. One of the biggest challenges that you will face is where you want to start your married life. While some couples choose to live in one or the other one’s apartment before they were married, others decide to choose a new place to start the next phase of their relationship. If this is your case, then here are some important things to consider.


While you may have been a pro at making a budget for one, budgeting for two is more difficult. Discuss with your spouse how much money you will have together. Then, choose how you want to spend that money. In many cases, you can afford a nicer apartment as a married couple because you will have two incomes. Yet, you may want to consider spending no more than 30 percent on your apartment.


It may have been very convenient to live near your job, but now that you are married, that may mean a long commute for one person or the other. Consider if moving to a location in the middle makes sense. Keep in mind, however, that if you are both tied to the former area, you may find yourself commuting there often.


One person may prefer to live in a large gated community with lots of different amenities while the other may choose to rent a single-family home. One way to get around these desires without breaking up before the ink on the marriage certificate dries is to each make a list of what they consider the most essential items. Then, see what you share and where you have room to negotiate.

Other Obligations

It is also important to consider other obligations that may affect the time the person spends at home. For example, some people need to remain close to aging parents while others need to stay close to their children from a previous relationship. Some may be very involved in church or community organizations that they want to continue.


Remember that there are two of you living in the space now. Therefore, many couples wish that they had a larger space. If you plan on having children or getting a pet in the near future, then you need to think about those obligations too.

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