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Cleaning Your Apartment Before Moving Out

Cleaning Your Apartment Before Moving Out

Cleaning Your Apartment Before Moving Out

It is essential to clean your apartment before you move out after you have found new apartments for rent in Delray FL. Completely cleaning your apartment can help get more of your security deposit back along with leaving you on better terms with your current landlord. Here are some things that you will want to do before you turn in the keys.

Move Everything Out

It is your responsibility to see that the apartment is completely empty before you leave. Therefore, do a final walkthrough to make sure that you did not miss anything when moving. Additionally, this is a great time to make sure that you have removed all the trash. While this is a courtesy that you should extend to your current landlord, it is also a great way to make sure that your landlord speaks favorably of you when someone calls them for a reference.

Fix Nail Holes

If you have put nail holes in your apartment’s walls, then get them fixed before you leave. It is best to use spackling paste and a putty knife to repair the holes. If you are pinched for money, however, you can use white toothpaste on your finger to hide the hole. Keep in mind that this will only work for smaller holes and only if your walls are white.

Remove Carpet Stains

Those carpet stains that you have been ignoring or covering up with furniture needs to come up. If you have wax on your carpet, then get out your iron and some old newspaper. Lay the newspaper on top of the wax. Use the iron at its hottest setting and blot until the wax comes up. Vinegar mixed with a little dishwashing soap will remove many types of stains. Put the solution on the carpet and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a white cloth to blot up the stain. You will also want to steam clean your carpet before moving.

Do a Final Walkthrough

Call your landlord or property manager and ask them to do a final walkthrough with you. This allows them to show you any damage that may stop you from getting back your security deposit. If you do not agree with your landlord’s decision, then you can take them to small claims court where a judge can decide who is right and wrong.

Before you can start the final cleaning on your current apartment, you need to find a great apartment to call home. When searching for apartments for rent in Delray FL, consider Blu Atlantic Apartment Homes. These apartments for rent in Delray FL are spacious inside and you will love playing in the salt-water swimming pool and relaxing by the 1.4-acre lake.

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