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4 Faults to Avoid When Designing Your Apartment’s Great Room

4 Faults to Avoid When Designing Your Apartment’s Great Room

4 Faults to Avoid When Designing Your Apartment’s Great Room

When you are choosing the right furniture and accessories to put in your great room, it can be very easy to make some design mistakes. While there are no hard and fast rules, if you are going to make a mistake, do so purposefully and not by accident. Here are seven boo-boos that people often make when designing their great rooms.

Choosing the Wrong Sofa

If you can only afford one piece of quality furniture for your great room, then make it a great sofa. Choose an option with a simple design in a neutral color as you can then change your décor as time passes, and your sofa will still look great. Try to find one with a hardwood frame as it will stand up longer. Look for options where the cushions are filled with fiber and feathers as they will hold their shape while being ultra-comfortable. Sofas covered in synthetic fabric resist fading longer than those covered in natural fabrics.

Using Only the Overhead Light

While you may want an overhead light for some projects, make sure to accessorize your great room with lots of low-lighting options. Floor and table lamps help showcase your style quickly regardless if it is industrial, contemporary or rustic. Using lamps also helps to create different moods in a room depending on how many you turn on at one time.

Not Using an Area Rug

You can easily add color and style to a great room by choosing the right area rug. Your area rug should cover the entire space under a coffee table and extend under the first set of legs on any furniture in the room. While choosing area rugs with bold designs can be a great way to make rooms look bigger, be sure that you have the room for it as you should not cover up the main design element of your area rug.

Hanging Artwork Wrong

If you find a piece of artwork that you love, but you are disappointed in it once it is on your wall, then you may have hung it wrong. Artwork should be hung so that its center is at eye level. Many people, however, hang artwork too high making rooms look smaller. Unless you are hanging a series of artwork, then it should be at least 66 percent as big as the furniture piece under it. If you are hanging a series, then the whole thing should be treated as one piece of art. The largest piece of art usually looks best on the left side in the lower corner as it balances the rest of the collection.

One of the most essential parts of creating a pretty great room is to start with a well-maintained room. When you are looking for an apartment in Delray Beach, FL. check out the ones at Blu Atlantic Apartment Homes located at 5550 Nepsa Way. In addition to awesome great rooms, you will not believe how spacious these apartments in Delray Beach, FL are to live in.

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