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7 Money-Saving Tips to Build Your Emergency Fund

7 Money-Saving Tips to Build Your Emergency Fund

7 Money-Saving Tips to Build Your Emergency Fund

Experts recommend that you have between three and six months of savings tucked away in an accessible location in case an emergency occurs. While it may seem difficult when you must pay rent and utilities every month, it is possible. Here are some tips that will help you meet that goal while you are living in your first apartment.

Buy Multi-use Furniture

You may be tempted to fall in love with the mid-century couch that is at the luxury furniture store. Resist the temptation to buy it until you have your emergency fund set aside. Instead, opt for pieces that you can use for more than one purpose. For example, opt for a sofa that doubles as a bed or a coffee table that has lots of storage. Instead of buying new furniture, see what you can borrow from friends or find at second-hand stores.

Conserve Energy

When you look for apartments for rent in Delray, Florida, pay attention to those complexes that offer energy-saving features, like Blu Atlantic Apartment Homes. You can conserve even more energy by setting your thermostat a few degrees higher. Keep blinds drawn during the day to keep out the sun’s heat.

Purchase a Functional Wardrobe

When you buy new clothes, look for items that will go along with items in your current wardrobe as this will allow you to mix-and-match to create different looks. At the same time, make a list of the clothing that you already own, so you do not buy the same thing twice. You can often find great buys on clothes with tags still on them at consignment and thrift stores. Avoid most items that must be dry cleaned.

Eat In

Every meal that you prepare at home is at least 50% cheaper than buying the same meal in a restaurant. Make it a point to save eating out or ordering delivery for special occasions. Before you go to the grocery store, make a list and stick to it as grocery retailers will tempt you to make impulse buys. Consider buying items that will not go bad in bulk as it is usually far cheaper than purchasing individual servings.

Use Public Transportation

Parking your car for special occasions and using public transportation can save you a lot of money. The downtown area is currently accessible via free trolley service, and city officials may add free electric taxis in the future. If you need a car, then look for one you can buy outright. Then, you can carry only liability insurance on it, which is much cheaper than buying full coverage.

There are many ways that you can still afford to live in luxury apartments for rent in Delray, FL while saving up an emergency fund. Contact Blu Atlantic Apartment Homes to schedule a tour of their apartments for rent in Delray, FL today.

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