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Planning the Perfect Interior Design for Your New Apartment

Planning the Perfect Interior Design for Your New Apartment

Planning the Perfect Interior Design for Your New Apartment

Choosing to live in an apartment may be a hard adjustment for many people, especially those who are used to living in a much larger home. Even though living in an apartment comes with a lot of drawbacks, it can be a cozy and fun experience. If you are looking to move or already live in an apartment in Delray, FL, you probably already understand this struggle.

The key to being comfortable where you live, no matter what style home you choose, is having the right interior design. Decorating your apartment can come with many challenges because often you can’t paint or change the layout of the interior. However, it isn’t impossible to find the perfect interior design for you.

Make Use of Your Walls, Corners, and Doors

Many apartments for rent in Delray, FL have great floor plans with a good amount of storage. However, they can still feel rather small. This is where functional décor comes to play. Walls offer a ton of storage space. Use the walls of your apartment to hang hooks and pegs for hanging décor. Floating shelves not only offer tons of storage space and can be hung anywhere, but are also very decorative and come in a variety of colors. You’ll want to double check your lease to ensure that you can hang objects on the walls.

Corner shelves can be a lifesaver in small places such as an apartment. They make use of empty space as well as keep things out of the way no matter what room. You can even use the backside of doors for storing everything from jewelry, to make-up and even office supplies or files if you work from home.

Colors and Light are Essential to the Right Interior Design

Apartments are often very small and can feel dark and dramatic. In many cases, you can’t paint the walls of your apartment, but you can still have full control over the color scheme of your design. Choose décor accessories such as light-colored linens to reflect the natural light.

If you notice that corners are dark, adding a beautiful floor lamp will brighten where needed. Keep the windows clean and don’t place furniture in front of the windows. The more sunlight the better for your apartment and your mood. Apartments in Delray, FL are typically designed with large windows to allow ample amounts of light into your living space which actually makes the apartment feel much larger than it really is.

Use Mirrors as Wall Art

There are thousands of styles of mirrors which means that there is sure to be a mirror perfect for your little apartment. Mirrors aren’t just for putting on makeup. They reflect light which adds brightness to a room making your apartment feel so much bigger than it really is. Be careful when it comes to the size mirror you choose to use. A mirror that is too large can overpower a wall and draw attention away from the focal point of your design.

You must start out somewhere and many people understand that it can be difficult to make an apartment comfortable as well as feel like home. Our apartments for rent in Delray, FL offer everything you need to make you feel like you are truly at home. Take your time when planning your space, set a budget and soon you will have a beautiful starter space designed to fit you.

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