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7 Things to Do Before Your Guests Arrive

7 Things to Do Before Your Guests Arrive

7 Things to Do Before Your Guests Arrive

Generally, when expecting guests, we make sure there is not a speck of dust on the floor or furniture, but there are some little but important things we tend to overlook. Forgetting to do these little things can make your guests feel uncomfortable. Here is a list of 7 minor but important things you need to do before your guests start ringing your doorbell:

Place Extra Toilet Paper Where It Can Be Reached.

We never can tell when nature will come calling. Your guests may want to use your toilet and it will be embarrassing for them not to find extra toilet paper after doing their business. To avoid such scenario, endeavor to put extra toilet paper on the counter or close to the toilet where they can easily reach with just an outstretched arm.

Adjust the temperature.

Hosting guests come with a lot of cooking and baking. If you have been making use of the oven all day, ensure you open the windows for a while. You can also make sure the kitchen extractor is on to move some of the fumes away from the kitchen. The patio door can also be opened to let fresh air in. If your place is cold, get your blankets ready for everyone you are expecting.

Dig in Your Sofa.

If you don't clean up your sofa cushions on a daily basis, make sure you dig into your sofa before your guests start knocking. Your kids' dirty socks, lollipop stick, or other things may be lying down there waiting for them.

Log Out of Your Computer.

When the music is going on, not everyone would be dancing- some may be chatting, others may be texting, but some inquisitive guests may be tempted to go near your computer. You wouldn't want them going through your Facebook messages or private kinds of stuff on your computer. Log out of your main profile and load up a generic guest account.

Keep your phone out of Sight.

No one likes it when someone goes through their phones. Even if you use a password, it will be wise to keep your smartphone in your bedroom. When hosting guests, it is normal for them to go to the kitchen or the bathroom but your bedroom is off limit.

Use Air freshener.

Before the guests start arriving, spray your house with a decent air freshener. By decent, I mean making use of the one with a nice fragrance like tropical or fruity. Avoid using harsh or strong fragrance to avoid people sneezing or getting irritated.

Get your mind ready for a sleepover.

Party can be fun and most times, you wouldn't know when midnight strikes. Your party may go all night and after the boogie down, there may be that friend or friends who are too tired or too drunk to drive home. Some apartments for rent in Delray FL have a guest room and this will come in handy when an unexpected sleepover arises. If you don't have a guest room, be ready to offer them your couch to crash on. Get extra bed sheets, blanket, and pillows on deck.

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