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Why Your Dog Will Sleep When You're Away From Your Apartment

Why Your Dog Will Sleep When You're Away From Your Apartment

Why Your Dog Will Sleep When You're Away From Your Apartment

Are you looking for apartments for rent in Delray, FL but are anxious about leaving your dog when you go to work all day?  Are you concerned that your pet won't have enough room to exert its energy?  You will want to consider living at Blu Atlantic because of our love of dogs.  We are not only pet-friendly, but we offer a dog park and many trails to help your furry friend feel just as at home as you do.  When you leave for work each day, trust that your dog will spend most of its day sleeping and not bothering other tenants.  When you leave a dog for the day, you can rest-assured that it is getting the sleep it requires so that you two can play when you get home.  

Dogs Need Quality Sleep

Dogs typically sleep about 12-14 hours per each 24-hour cycle.  Puppies exert a lot of their energy running around and learning about the new world around them, and they require about 18-20 hours of sleep.  Similar to a newborn baby, puppies require sleep to help them grow and regain strength to explore once again.   Older dogs will also sleep longer stretches as well, simply because at their age, they become easily tired with less activity.   Depending on the age of your dog, you can rest-assured that it needs quality sleeping hours while you are away from your apartment.

Dogs Benefit From Sleep

When your dog sleeps, he is actually retaining memories and engaging in learning.  This may seem counterintuitive, because isn't that what training sessions are for?  Sleep enhances memory in dogs, just like it does in humans.  So, when you are away at work while your dog is sleeping, they are actually doing some hard work, too.  Many dogs that napped after learning a new skill were able to perform that skill better than dogs that didn't nap.  This correlation shows that sleep truly can improve memory and retention of learned skills.  Next time you go to a training session with your dog, let them take a long nap afterwards, and continue to reinforce those skills when they wake up.  You may notice that they are more engaged in the activities when you go for walks around the complex or play fetch at the dog park.

Next time you are concerned to leave your best bud in your apartment all day long, think again.  When you leave for the day, your dog will need its beauty rest in order to restore its energy so that you can hit the dog park and trails in your apartments for rent in Delray, FL.  Your dog needs the sleep so that you guys can use all of the outdoor amenities in the sprawling complex together when you get home.  Contact us today if you are looking for pet-friendly apartments to rent in Delray, FL.  


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