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Five Ways You Can Successfully Work From Home in Your Delray Apartment

Five Ways You Can Successfully Work From Home in Your Delray Apartment

Five Ways You Can Successfully Work From Home in Your Delray Apartment

Have you been struggling to work from home in your crammed apartment?  Do you find yourself distracted by things around you, like amenities, neighbors, children, pets, or roommates?  Living in a communal living situation can make it difficult to find enough peace when you are also working from home. Our residents in our apartments in Delray, FL have been successfully working from home in their units since the middle of March.  There are five ways you can successful work from home while keeping the peace in your Delray apartment.

Designate a Work Space

When you are working from the kitchen or living room, you will likely be distracted by what those rooms offer.  You may find yourself opening and closing the fridge all day, or you may even turn the TV on and try to watch it during the work day.  To avoid these distractions, set up a quiet work space somewhere in your apartment with minimal distractions.  This will help you feel as though you are at work when you are sitting in that area.

Minimize Distractions

It is also important to minimize distractions as best as possible.  If you can, have someone else watch your kids in another room while you work, or set them up with self-play activities.  Keep your phone in a different area of your apartment to avoid any texts or phone calls that are not work-related.  Tell your noisy neighbors that you will see them after work.  Minimizing distractions will allow you to better focus on the task in front of you.

Establish a Routine

Without having to physically go into the office, you may be struggling to maintain a routine.  Try to stick with the same work hours every day to give yourself the same feeling you have during a normal work week.  Set your alarm and hold yourself accountable to actually log in during those hours.  This way, you will be able to structure the rest of the day around your work hours.

Separate Work and Personal Spaces

Many people that work from home complain that they never actually leave work.  Since your work materials are always right there, this is actually true.  By setting your work stuff aside during non-work hours, you will be able to escape those responsibilities.  

Get Dressed Each Day

When you are working from home, it can be easy to stay in your comfortable clothes or even your pajamas all day long.  However, this can make you sluggish and unfocused.  Avoid this slump by getting dressed each day and looking presentable.  This will make you feel confident, which will help you stay focused and do better work.

These are a few ways you can successfully work from home in your apartment despite the many distractions and limited space.  In our apartments in Delray, FL, you will find that working from home is easier than you thought if you just stay focused and strict with yourself.  Contact us today to hear how our community supports our residents now more than ever.


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