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Four Tips on Staying Healthy at Your Apartment during the Pandemic

Four Tips on Staying Healthy at Your Apartment during the Pandemic

Four Tips on Staying Healthy at Your Apartment during the Pandemic

During this time, it is important to pay attention to the guidelines issued by the health department, as they only work when they are followed.  When you are living in a shared community, you will want to take extra steps to keep yourself and your community safe from the spread of infection.  At our apartments for rent in Delray, FL, we take necessary steps to prevent the spread of illness throughout our community and keep our residents safe.  We also recommend that our residents do the same within their own individual units.  By following these few tips, you can keep yourself healthy and clean inside your own apartment.

Disinfect High-touch Surfaces on a Daily Basis

Always disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, counters, drawer handles, and remote controls.  When you disinfect these surfaces, you should use a cleaning solution that contains alcohol, since it will kill and remove the bacteria and germs entirely.  Aside from hand washing, this is one of the best defenses to stop the spread of illness.

Do the Laundry Frequently

After you clean soft materials, such as rugs, rags, and blankets, you should launder them.  Keeping soft materials clean will allow them to be picked up by anyone who enters, whether you are having company or if you share your space with a roommate.  When you wash, you should always use the highest water temperature that is allowed for those materials.  Items like upholstery should also be thoroughly washed according to the instructions on the tags.

Invest in PPE

When you need to go outside of your apartment, you'll want to use your PPE, or personal protective equipment.  This includes your face mask and your gloves.  Reusable gloves are inexpensive and easy to discard after each use, which is also suggested by health professionals.  Gloves will stop any bacteria and germs from getting on your skin and spreading, which decreases your likelihood of coming in contact with anything.  Masks will protect you from touching your face when you are out in public and it will prevent you from exposing anyone else to your germs.

Practice Hand Hygiene

The best line of defense to protect yourself from illness is proper hand washing techniques. When you wash your hands, make sure to rub soap throughout each finger and up onto the wrists.  Scrub for at least 20 seconds and rinse away with warm water.  This will kill any germs that may have found their way onto your hands when you were out in the community areas or at work.

By following these simple guidelines, you will minimize the chances of infection and keep you and your loved ones safe at your apartment.  During this pandemic, everyone has been increasing their efforts to stay clean and keep PPE nearby in case you find yourself needing to go out.  At our apartments for rent in Delray,FL, we stay dedicated to remaining safe and healthy.  Contact us to hear about our available clean and sanitized apartments.

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