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Shared Swimming Pool Etiquette 101

Shared Swimming Pool Etiquette 101

Shared Swimming Pool Etiquette 101

Whenever you lounge by the pool to relax after a long day, there is nothing worse than someone who makes a huge splash all over you.  Sharing a swimming pool has many benefits when you follow the etiquette to keep it a peaceful and enjoyable place.  At our apartments in Delray, FL, you can enjoy our resort-style swimming pool all year round.  Anytime you are enjoying shared space with others, you should always be sure to stay respectful of your neighbors and those around you.  Here is some basic information about shared swimming pool etiquette you should follow to keep the peace at your apartment pool.

Minimize Your Splashing

Swimming in a shared swimming pool can be crowded at times, which means that you'll want to find your own space.  It also means that you should minimize your splashing, because many people do not enjoy getting water splashed on them.  Those who are sunbathing or lounging by the pools may actually want to stay dry.  Splashing can also result in a loss of water, which can cost the apartment complex money over time, especially during a drought.

Look Around Before Jumping In

Jumping into a nice, refreshing swimming pool may be just what you are looking to do.  However, you always want to look around the entire pool and area around the pool before taking the big leap.  This ensures that you won't jump on top of any swimmers and you won't disturb any loungers.

Stay in Your Lane

When you are swimming laps around the pool during the less crowded times in the day, always be sure to stay in your own lane.  Other people may also be interested in exercising, so mind them during your own workout.  Wear goggles so that you can see underwater if anyone else happens to join the pool during your exercise regimen.

Use the Bathroom

It may be a pain to dry off and trudge up to your apartment to go to the bathroom, or even just use the community restroom in your complex, but it is a much better alternative to going to the bathroom while in the pool.  In fact, you should always get out of the pool to tend to your bathroom needs.  This is polite and also encourages proper hygiene, which is critical in shared spaces.

By following these simple and respectful rules, you will be able to enjoy the pool amenity at your apartment complex without disturbing the peace.  This way, people will respect your space in return.  When you take care of the shared property in your apartments in Delray, FL, you will be able to live peacefully in the beautiful complex.  Contact us to hear about all of our luxurious amenities in Delray, FL today.

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