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Six Tips for Improving Your Sleep at Your Apartment

Six Tips for Improving Your Sleep at Your Apartment

Six Tips for Improving Your Sleep at Your Apartment

Are you tired of staying up late hearing loud neighbors?  Do you have trouble falling asleep in your apartment?  Sleep problems can present many other issues in your life, including fatigue, lack of focus, lack of coordination, and headaches.  These issues can make it difficult to get through your daily responsibilities.  Whether you live alone or with a roommate in our apartments in Delray, FL, you likely want to learn about how to get a better night's sleep.  Follow these few tips for improving your sleep habits and creating a good environment for sleep.

Keep the TV Screens Out

Many studies have been done to prove that the bright lights of TV screens and other electronics actually have a negative effect on your sleep patterns.  These lights will keep you awake later or even throughout the night, which will disturb your natural sleep cycle.  If you can, keep all screens out of your bedroom to allow for the most restful sleep possible.


Sometimes a busy mind is a reflection of a cluttered space.  Before you go to bed, be sure to tidy up your bedroom.  Put away any laundry, remove clutter from the dressers and nightstands, and pick up anything that's scattered on the floor.  This will give your room a fresh appearance, which can also work to calm your mind.

Keep the Room Dark

Light that creeps in from the window or bright lights can keep you awake in the evening or early morning hours.  Invest in some blackout curtains to prevent this issue from distracting your from quality sleep.  You may also want to look into a light dimmer so that you can avoid bright lights before bed and in the morning.

Keep the Room Cool

In addition to keeping the room dark, you'll also want to keep the room cool at night.  This will prevent you from overheating, which can cause you to toss and turn throughout the night.  When you keep the temperatures cool, you will stay comfortable throughout the night and get more restful sleep.

Minimize the Noise

Don't keep a TV on throughout the night, or it might interrupt your sleep cycle when the volume goes up and down.  Also, avoid sleeping near your phone in case of any messages or alerts.  These can wake you up, and you may have trouble falling back asleep.

Make the Space Your Own

If you haven't taken the time to decorate your room to your liking, you may not feel completely comfortable there.  Make a few changes to the space by adding your own personal touches, like adding picture frames or wall décor that make you happy.  This can make you feel cozier in that space, which can promote relaxation.

These are a few tips that can improve your sleep and give you the restful night of sleep that you need.  At our apartments in Delray, FL, you can choose from many layouts and designs that suit your lifestyle.  Contact us to schedule a tour to find a new apartment today.

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