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Don’t Forget to Measure These Six Areas Before Moving into Your Apartment

Don’t Forget to Measure These Six Areas Before Moving into Your Apartment

Don’t Forget to Measure These Six Areas Before Moving into Your Apartment

You are prepared for moving day.  Everything is packed.  Your team is assembled.  You think you are ready to go, until you remember that you did not measure any of the spaces in your new apartments in Delray Beach, FL.  This can cause you to panic, as you now are not sure what will fit in the space.  These are a few places that you need to measure before you move into your apartment.

Door Frames

One of the biggest mistakes that new renters make is failing to measure the doorway before they move in bulky furniture.  This can leave you standing in the hallway with a large couch, trying to find a way to fit it through the door.  To avoid this issue, take measurements of the doorway before you buy anything.  This way, you can take these measurements into account so that the furniture you purchase fits through the door.

Hallways and Stairwells

Moving bulky furniture through crammed apartment hallways can pose a challenge if you do not know how much space you must move.  This can even lead you to have to return to trade in furniture that you planned on using.  To avoid moving furniture that will not fit through the apartment complex space, measure the hallways, elevators, or stairwells that you need to take to get to your apartment.

Wall Space for Large Furniture

Buying a couch and a bed is likely one of the top priorities on your shopping list.  However, you want to know what size of each of these pieces will fit in the living room and bedroom at your new place.  Take the time to measure the wall space where you plan to put your bed to assess whether you can fit a queen, king, or double bed.  Also, measure the living room so that you can determine the size of couch that will fit.


If you are planning on installing blinds or want to add curtains to the windows, you need to know the window length and height.  Measure these areas so that you can choose the best window treatments for the space.  Avoid buying anything before you move because some apartments are already equipped with window blinds.

Counter Height

Many apartment kitchens now come with breakfast bars or kitchen islands that leave options for more seating.  If you plan to buy kitchen chairs or bar stools that will sit at these counters, you need to know the height of these surfaces before you purchase.

Room Dimensions

If you are considering buying an area rug or coffee table to cover the main floors in the living room or bedroom, you will want to measure the room dimensions.  Unless your property manager provides you with the dimensions of each space before you move in, which is rare, you will want to take it upon yourself to do this before you make any large investments.

These are many of the measurements that you need to take before you move into your new place.  If you are looking for spacious apartments in Delray Beach, FL, contact Blu Atlantic to tour our complex today.

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