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Five Tips on How to Live with Your Dog in Your Apartment

Five Tips on How to Live with Your Dog in Your Apartment

Five Tips on How to Live with Your Dog in Your Apartment

Do you have a dog but are planning to move into an apartment complex?  Many pet friendly apartments have accommodations that make living with a dog a lot easier, despite being in an apartment.  Living with a dog in our apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL may not sound ideal, but it is actually quite possible.  In addition to choose the right apartment complex for you and your dog, there are a few others tips to follow in order to live peacefully with your dog in your apartment.

Exercise a Lot

Be sure that you take your dog on walks and to the dog park as much as possible.  This exercise will allow your dog to be calm and relaxed when you are spending time cooped up inside your apartment.  This will minimize their noise and energy levels, which will make it much peaceful to live in a tight space with your pet.

Spend Time Outside

Get outside whenever you can.  If you need to do some work, consider sitting outside so that you dog can lie next to you and enjoy the outdoors.  If you have time to go for a walk or spend time playing with your dog, get outside and enjoy many of the amenities and the beautiful landscaping of the community.

Train Your Dog

One of the best ways to stay sane when you are sharing your apartment with your dog is to invest in quality dog training.  Train your dog basic behaviors, like sit, quiet, and lie down, so that your dog learns how to respond to your commands.  Having an obedient dog will give you sanity no matter where you live.  

Socialize Your Dog

When you live in a community, it is essential that you socialize your dog so that they can react positively to other people.  Neighbors, including children, will want to approach your dog and pet them, but always take caution unless your dog is fully socialized.

Try to Get a First Floor Apartment

Living on the first floor can make it much easier for you to escape for potty breaks and exercise time.  Also, if you have a back patio, you can even keep a small leash outside for when you need to let your dog outside.  If you can, ask for a first floor apartment to make it much easier on you and your dog.

These are a few tips that will make living with a dog in your apartment a much better experience.  Because it can be difficult to have a dog when you are living in a community of homes, you'll want to take any possible precautions to make everyday life easier on both you and your dog.  At our apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL, we accept many different dogs, as we understand the role they have in your lives. Contact us if you are looking for pet-friendly apartments today.

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