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How to Brighten the Space in Your Delray Beach Apartment

How to Brighten the Space in Your Delray Beach Apartment

How to Brighten the Space in Your Delray Beach Apartment

Are you tired of looking at dark corners in your apartment?  Do you want to capture the natural light that shines through your apartment windows?  Many people report that a brighter home leads to a cozier and happier living situation.  When you live in a dark and gloomy place, you may feel less motivated or less desire to be at home.  However, at our apartments in Delray Beach, FL, you will be excited to live in these bright spaces.  These are a few ways that you can brighten the space in your apartment.

Hang String Lights

Many people associate string lights with the holidays.  However, this means that you are missing out on the potential that string lights have to enhance the appearance and brightness of your space.  If you have shelving units or door frames that appear to be dark, consider hanging some stylish string lights to brighten up those areas.

Use Bright Colors

When you decorate your apartment with throw pillows, blankets, artwork, rugs, and other features, choose a bright color scheme.  Whites, yellows, light blues, and pastels all add a light and airy feel to any home.  This is especially true when you are choosing lampshades and curtains.  To allow for more light to flow through these materials, you want to choose a light-colored fabric.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Lighting

Adding mirrors can not only make your space appear larger, but it can reflect lighting and make the area much brighter.  Consider hanging mirrors adjacent to light fixtures and lamps so that they can capture the light and make the room even brighter.  

Space out Your Lights

Decorating your apartment may be enjoyable, but it also needs to be practical.  By spacing out your light fixtures, lamps, string lights, and other light options, you will be able to light up the entire room.  Avoid cluttering one single space with too many lights, as this can create too much light in one area and not enough light in another.

Put Lamps in the Corner

Don’t neglect corners when you are decorating your apartment.  By placing a lamp in a corner, you will allow the light to bounce off both walls that are adjacent to it, which will filter more light into the room.  This also prevents any dark corners from becoming too sleepy or losing out on functionality.   End tables make great places for corner lamps, and you can even cuddle up with book on the couch right next to it when the day is over.

Adding light features to your apartment can make the space feel much more cozy, airy, and bright.  It can also allow you to enjoy the space after dark.  If you are looking for quality apartments in Delray Beach, FL, look at Blu Atlantic.  Contact us to book your tour of our available apartments today.

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