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Prepping for the Game? Follow These 5 Tips to Host the Best Party in Your Apartment

Prepping for the Game? Follow These 5 Tips to Host the Best Party in Your Apartment

Prepping for the Game? Follow These 5 Tips to Host the Best Party in Your Apartment

As football season continues, you may have the urge to get all your friends together to enjoy the game. However, this means that you will need to prepare your apartment to host guests, which can pose a challenge depending on where you live. When you choose our spacious apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL, you can enjoy any game day party in your space. These are a few simple tips to host one of the best game-watching parties in your apartment.

Clean Up

The first thing you will want to do when you invite guests to your apartment is to organize and clean your space. Declutter common spaces so that everyone has a comfortable place to sit and clean your kitchen and bathrooms thoroughly. In the days before guests arrive, you should take time to deep clean your space. This will make it much fresher and easier to tackle day-of jobs when hosting.

Order Food or Make Ahead

Don’t miss one play by preparing the food ahead of time. Plan for easy meals that can be kept hot on the stove top or in a crockpot during your party so that you won’t miss a touchdown or great pass. Plan a simple menu that will keep your guests happy but will not require extensive attention during the party. Some people even just order a few pizzas and wings to make it even easier during the game.

Keep the Guest List Short

You want to actually watch the game during your party, which means that you should keep the guest list to a manageable amount. Although there will still be chatting during the party, it will likely be lots of football talk centered around what is going on in the game. Make sure that you keep the guest list to a number that will keep people happy and comfortable during the game.

Bring In Enough Seats

You do not want to host a game-watching party without enough room on the couch. When you do not have enough places for all of your guests to sit, you may find people leaving early because they are uncomfortable. We understand that most apartments do not have plenty of space for multiple couches, but you can get inventive and bring in a few folding chairs so everyone can enjoy watching the game in comfort.

Keep Noise Levels Down

While most football games are right in the middle of the day, you should still keep the noise at a respectable level. Avoid hooting and hollering too much to not alert the neighbors to your large get together. While we understand the frustration of an interception or fumble on a critical play, we still want you to be a good neighbor in your apartment. If you are watching the game late at night, you want to be even more aware of the level of noise in your apartment.

By following these tips, you can keep you and your guests excited and comfortable during your game-watching party. If you are looking for spacious apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL, check out Blu Atlantic.

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