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Tips for Getting Back Your Security Deposit

Tips for Getting Back Your Security Deposit

Tips for Getting Back Your Security Deposit

You're moving to a new place and leaving your old apartment behind. But don't rush out the door just yet! There's still a matter of your security deposit. When moving into your current place, you may have struggled to scrape up that deposit, but you probably forgot all about it since then. Don't leave it behind, you might require it to cover the security deposit on your new home.

According to our experts on apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL, getting your security deposit back shouldn't be too challenging. The security deposit does not cover normal wear on an apartment from daily use. The deposit is designed to be employed for significant cleaning and repairs or explicit neglect or at-fault circumstances, such as a giant hole you pounded through the wall shielded with a painting or the burns in your carpet from when you knocked over your candles. Since you shouldn't have allowed that to occur, here's what you must do to get your security deposit back.

Repair Minor Damages

Maybe you missed your dartboard a few times or pounded a few nails in a vulnerable part of the drywall and caused a hole. These things shouldn't interfere with getting your security deposit back, but why take a chance? Instead, buy some caulk, plug all the little holes, and then sand and paint them. If the job seems like it might get too big, leave it alone. You don't want to transform minor damage into significant damage and have to forfeit your security deposit. Before you begin any repairs, speak to your landlord. Some landlords have unique rules about caulking to guarantee that it's done correctly and doesn't demand them to go behind you and repair your repairs. And allowing your landlord to know you're endeavoring to leave your apartment in excellent shape can help apply the foundation for asking for your deposit back. Other little things you can quickly fix or cheaply replace are window screens (that your kitten scratched up) and plastic light switches or outlet covers (that you broke when moving furniture).

Perform Basic Cleaning

Most apartments are expected to be left broom-swept. You aren't likely expected to replace the carpet or re-panel wood floors, but you shouldn't leave rubbish on the floor either. Even though you're going, ensure the residence is as clean and neat as possible. Again, leaving an untidy place is not a reason for the forfeiture of your security deposit, but you don't want to provide your landlord any reason to hold up the process. But if you want to guarantee that you're justified in requesting your deposit, do more than sweeping. Great all-purpose cleaners can easily remove ink, dirt, fingerprints, and shoe scuffs from walls and floors. You can employ a little bleach to help wash caulking and drains. And don't undervalue the power of a vacuum—you can vacuum screens, window tracks, corners, floors, beneath the fridge, behind the toilet, etc. Vacuuming first saves your lungs the peril of dealing with sweeping, and you quickly specify which areas need scrubbing as well.

We hope these tips help you get your security deposit back. Contact us today if you are looking for apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL. We want to be your new home!

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