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What to Ask Your Landlord Before Signing an Apartment Lease

What to Ask Your Landlord Before Signing an Apartment Lease

What to Ask Your Landlord Before Signing an Apartment Lease

For many young adults who venture out to live on their own, their starting home is usually an apartment. They tend to come cheaper than houses, and often times are easily afforded by a couple of roommates working together. It isn't uncommon for other individuals to convert to this way of life for convenience and financial reasons. Our apartments in Delray Beach, FL make the perfect temporary lifestyle for those looking for stress and maintenance free arrangements. Before signing any lease, you should be sure to ask your landlord about these particular concerns.

What are the Lease Details?

While this may seem like common sense, you need to verbally inquire and discuss the major terms of your lease. Preferably before you sign. Yes, minor details matter. However, you probably have other more important criteria to be met and those will be the major terms. Here are the questions you need to ask about your lease's major terms:

  • What is the security deposit?
  • What is the monthly rent?
  • Terms and consequences of breaking lease early?
  • Can the lease be extended, renewed, or terminated?
  • Are roommates allowed?
  • Do all occupants undergo a background check?

When and How Do I Pay Rent?

Rent details are important. One of the first inquiries you should make about an apartment you are interested in is rent. It is about how, went and how much rent you need to pay. Different rental properties will have different payment methods and amounts, the when is usually defined on the lease but make sure you ask about it.

Is There a Pet Policy?

If you have pets, or intend on getting a pet, then you absolutely NEED to ask about pet policies. Some apartments do not allow pets, no exceptions. Others have size and weight restrictions. The important aspects of pet policies you need to ask are:

  • Breed restrictions
  • Number of Pets Allowed (if any)
  • Types of Pets Allowed
  • Additional fees and deposits required for pets
  • Information Required for Pet Approval

Do You Have Any Fine Print Policies?

Always read over and ask about fine print policies. Additional fees and payments may be tacked on because of some fine print policies. Here are potential fees and fine print policies you could encounter:

  • Sub-lessee Terms
  • Utility Payments
  • Non-tenant Policies
  • Parking Policies
  • Property Amenities

Can I Have That in Writing?

As you inquire about your lease, the stipulations, and have any other questions answered, remember that verbal agreements don't always hold up well. You should always ask to have information in writing, especially unspecified lease terms and policies, to avoid any unpleasant surprises are disputes in the future.

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