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What to do With Your Pet While You are on Vacation

What to do With Your Pet While You are on Vacation

What to do With Your Pet While You are on Vacation

You may be looking forward to a vacation, but if your pet is smart enough to sense your impending departure, it is likely dreading it. Your furry best friend thinks your break means he will be sent off to a relative or a boarding establishment, but that doesn't necessarily need to be the circumstance. Depending on your four-legged companion's behavior, different choices for pet care while you're away might be better than others. You may even consider bringing your pup along on vacation. Experts from our apartments in Delray Beach, FL, offer these tips for deciding which arrangement will work sufficiently for your pet during vacation week and the advantages of each possible strategy:

Ask your vet's opinion

Except for you and your household, your vet is presumably the individual who knows your pet the most. So ask for their input when deciding whether to board your pet, bring him along with you, or pay a pet-sitter to come to your place. In addition to getting her opinion about which method will work best for your fuzzy friend, she also may be able to suggest some suitable pet hotels or sitters in the region.

Know your pet's personality

How does your pet respond when you depart the house? A super snuggly pup might lose his cool, while an older cat may turn his tail and go about his life. Depending on how your pet copes with your absence, diverse arrangements for your tour out of town are reasonable. Take some time to assess your fur baby's distinct personality before engaging in specific circumstances.

Ponder in-home sitting for animal comfort

Now that you've conferred with a professional and accomplished some soul-searching, it's time to decide. Your first alternative is having a pet-sitter remain in your house or pay daily visits. However, suppose you're the proud owner of a needy canine, particularly one who displays anxiety when visiting someplace new. In that case, you should likely hire somebody to stay at your apartment while you're gone. More autonomous pups may be capable of managing with just a stroll or two each day and freshening up of their food. Also, most cats will be happy to see a pal once a day and have their food, water, and waste freshened up.

Opt for boarding for round-the-clock care (and digital spying)

If you become just as nervous as your pet when far away, putting him up at a pet resort might be your best wager. Most boarding establishments allow you to log in to an online system and check on your pet with in-house cameras. Of course, if your dog or feline is good at playing with others or thrives in a social atmosphere, boarding will work well for them.

Take him with you if the destination is pet-friendly

Although you may have difficulty finding a holiday locale suitable for cats, many beachfront and forested regions will accept your dog. Just make sure the location you're staying in allows pets. Also, assess whether or not your doggy will travel nicely. If he's likely to be groaning on the entire flight or car ride, you'll lower tension on both sides by leaving him home.

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