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Elevate Your Space with Large Wall Art Pieces

Elevate Your Space with Large Wall Art Pieces

Elevate Your Space with Large Wall Art Pieces


Our homes reflect our personal tastes and style, and often, we want them to stand out and make a statement. A simple yet effective way to add personality and character to your space is by incorporating large wall art pieces. With a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from, wall art adds a new dimension to your space, creating visual interest and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we'll take you through a guide on how to make a statement with large wall art pieces in your home.


1) Choosing the Right Space

Before you start looking for large wall art pieces, it's important to identify the right space in your home that can accommodate such a piece. The walls in your living room, bedroom, or dining area are ideal candidates for large art pieces. When choosing a space, consider the size of the wall, the placement of furniture, and the existing decor style. A large art piece should complement the decor of your room, not overpower or clash with it.

2) Picking the Right Piece

Once you've identified the space, it's time to choose the right piece of wall art. Large art pieces come in a range of styles – modern, abstract, traditional, minimalist, and more. Consider the existing color palette of your room and look for art pieces that feature complementary colors or contrasting hues to create a visually striking effect. Large art pieces can also be used to tie in themes or motifs found elsewhere in your interior design, such as patterns, textures, or shapes.

3) Hanging Techniques

Hanging large wall art pieces requires careful planning and execution. Depending on the weight and size of your piece, you may need to use specialized hanging hardware, such as picture hangers, wall anchors, or screws. When hanging your art piece, make sure it's level, centered, and secure. Consider the height of the piece; wall art should typically be hung at eye level, but you may want to adjust this depending on the placement and scale of your piece.

4) Creating a Gallery Wall

Another way to make a statement with wall art is by creating a gallery wall. This involves hanging multiple pieces of art together to create a cohesive display. Gallery walls can feature a collection of small or large pieces, and can be arranged in a grid, a staggered pattern, or a random grouping. When creating a gallery wall, aim for a balanced composition of colors, textures, and styles. The key is to create a harmonious arrangement that highlights the individual pieces while maintaining visual unity.

5) Incorporating Texture and Dimension

Large wall art pieces don't have to be two-dimensional; they can also incorporate texture and dimension to create a more tactile and dynamic effect. Consider pieces that feature 3D elements, like mixed media or sculptural works, or pieces that incorporate texture through materials like fabric, wood, or metal. These pieces can add depth and visual interest to your walls, creating a focal point and stimulating the senses.



Large wall art pieces are a powerful way to elevate your home's interior design and make a statement with your personal style. By choosing the right space, the right piece, and the right hanging technique, you can create a stunning visual display that transforms any room. Whether you opt for a single large art piece or a gallery wall arrangement, make sure to choose pieces that resonate with you and reflect your unique aesthetic. So go ahead, experiment with color, texture, and style, and embrace the power of big art to transform your space. If you're looking for apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL,  contact Blu Atlantic Apartment Homes today to schedule a personal tour.

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