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Transform Your Small Balcony into a Wonderful Outdoor Space

Transform Your Small Balcony into a Wonderful Outdoor Space

Transform Your Small Balcony into a Wonderful Outdoor Space


Living in a small apartment might make you feel that you're missing out on the joys of outdoor living. However, you can quickly transform your small balcony into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. With a little bit of creativity and some smart planning, you can turn your tiny balcony into a relaxing oasis where you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. In this blog post, we'll share some fantastic small balcony ideas that will help you create your very own outdoor retreat.


1. Use Vertical Space

When you have limited floor area on your balcony, think vertical for maximizing your space. One solution is to use wall-mounted planters to grow an herb garden or add some greenery to your space. Hanging flower boxes or small potted plants also work wonders in making your balcony look beautiful. Include some fairy lights for an ambient effect.

2. Comfort Is Key

For creating an inviting outdoor space, comfort is essential. Invest in comfortable outdoor seating, and consider adding some throw pillows or a blanket for extra coziness. If space allows, add a small coffee or side table that makes the balcony even more functional and comfortable.

3. Add Some Color

If you're someone who loves colors, you're in luck! Add some bright-colored cushions or colorful planters to your balcony, and you can create an area that is super Instagram-worthy. You can also choose plants or flowers in your favorite color or create a specific color palette that will pop against the urban landscape beyond your balcony.

4. Create Privacy

If you're worried about privacy, you can use curtains, shades or bamboo shades that will provide coverage and make your balcony feel more enclosed. Another idea is to install trellises and place planters on and around them, giving you an additional natural screen. This not only increases your privacy but can also create a tranquil environment.

5. Take a Seat up High

If you're running out of space on your balcony floor, you can create an illusion of space by using hanging chairs or suspended seating. Hanging chairs take up less floor space and are the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day. Plus, they add a touch of fun to your balcony's decor.



We hope these small balcony ideas helped provide you with some inspiration for creating a unique and inspiring outdoor space. No matter how small or large your balcony space is, there are multiple ways to make it look and feel beautiful. From using vertical space and being smart with seating to adding some privacy, creating a cozy outdoor retreat is definitely possible. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can enjoy your balcony as much as any other outdoor space and never feel limited by your apartment's size or layout. If you're looking for apartments for rent in Delray Beach, FL,  contact Blu Atlantic Apartment Homes today to schedule a personal tour.

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